Renew your a knot account

Since the end of 2018 we can renew the fan club subscription online.

Log in to your a knot account and click on 会員レポート at the top right.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on ログイン (Log in)

you will arrive on your account information page with your name, address etc. Click on 継続手続き at the top right (continue procedure).

Go to the bottom and click on the left button « Credit Card ». The one on the right is for payment in konbini (Japan only). For konbini, you will receive a code that you will need to use on a ticket machine.

You will come to a page that informs you that your credit card details will need to be entered and that cards such as VISA debit are not accepted (as well as Vpurika and Wallet prepaid cards). Click on « start ».

Enter your card information and validate.

You will be asked if everything is ok and you can validate.

You will arrive on a confirmation page. Go to the bottom and enter the cryptogram of your card (the code on the back of your credit card) and validate.

And there you go!! You will receive a confirmation email and you’re quiet for a year!
However, check that your renewal has been taken into account by clicking on 登録情報の確認 at the top of the page. The end date of your subscription is indicated on the second line.

Renewal can be done from the month preceding your subscription end date. For example, my subscription ends on August 30th. I can renew it from July 1, until August 20. So don’t wait until the very last day, it won’t be possible anymore.