Create your a knot account

Until now, we was able to register for the fanclub online but the renewal had to be done in Japan. This is why many foreigners were only registered for a year. Payment methods have finally changed, we can renew online by credit card! What a good news!

First of all, you need a Japanese address. You can register for this on Tenso (but you will not receive the new year postcard) or on Black ship. They will provide you with a Japanese address which you will enter on a knot. When a knot sends a package, these companies receive it and send it to you.

Go to the band’s official website and click on « official fan club »

a knot1

Then click on « a knot のご入会はこちら » (join a knot here)

a knot2

Go to the bottom of the page and click on « 入会申し込み » (membership request)

a knot 3.png

You will be directed to the privacy policy page. Go to the bottom of the page and check the little box « 会員規約・プライバシーポリシーを確認し、同意しました。 » (Confirm membership. I accept the privacy policy.). Then click on « 同意して申し込み » (accept the request).

a knot4

You will then have to enter your email address and click on « 送信 » (send). The button next to it is « cancel ».

A registration email is sent to you. You have 24 hours to complete the procedure. Click on the link.

a knot6

You will be on the registration page.

When you have completed everything correctly and validated, you will be offered to go to the payment page. Click « 開始 » (start).

You will then fill in the information relating to your credit card.

You validate. And I won’t continue because I don’t want to pay for a second subscription ^ _ ^ Normally you will be asked for the cryptogram. You validate and it’s over.

For the next phase

After one month you will receive a metal a knot card with your membership number engraved on it and a silver coin pendant.

The official magazine (haiiro no ginka) sent 4 times a year
Presale concert tickets
Access to a knot products
Access to « a knot » lives
A New year postcard
Goodies (sent as a loyalty gift after each renewal)
Access to members’ publications (photos, text …)
An exclusive newsletter that informs you of the group’s activities

The price:
At registration you will have to pay 7100 yen (about 56 €)
Then it will be 6000 yen per year (47 €) (these prices change according to the exchange rate)
Fees are added depending on the method of payment. With a card payment it will be necessary to add 220 yen (1.75 €)

Shipping is free, but you will have to pay the shipping costs from Tenso / Black ship to your home. Count around ten euros.