Buy a concert ticket with a knot

You have a knot account and want to buy a ticket for a concert in Japan? Here’s how to do it.

First of all you will be able to participate to a lottery. You will receive an email from a knot indicating the date, time and link of the website on which the lottery will take place. You have about a week to take your chance. Then you have to wait for the result, it takes two weeks, I think. If you win a ticket you will have 8 or 9 days to pay. You can choose the payment method by card or at konbini. If you pay by card the tickets will be sent two weeks before the concert in question (not the tour!) You can have them sent to you via your Japanese address but the delay may be too tight. If you are already in Japan the best is to give a friend’s address. Sometimes payment is only at konbini so you have to be careful! Again, it’s good to know someone there.

If you send your ticket to a friend, don’t forget to change your information a knot! You can change the address as much as you want, but not your name. This is why you will have to add your friend’s name followed by « 様方 » (addressed to) at the end of the address.
For example on the envelope there will be:
Your first and last name
Your friend’s Japanese address followed by 【Your friend’s first and last name 様方】

Regarding the price, on the website there is the price with and without tax, but we still have to add about 10€ for shipping and commission.
Then! The lottery being over, you have to wait about 2 weeks to try your luck again if you don’t have a ticket, always with the fanclub. This time it’s ‘first come, first served’. The sale takes place on a different website from the first one, « ticket every » (for 3 days), you must register to be able to take the tickets, but you can only register when the sale has started. It goes very quickly so we have to hold on! You can pay online by credit card and tickets are sent to your home (or friends home)

Then the next sale takes place on Dir en grey online. Tickets are on sale for 5 days. You have to subscribe to be able to buy them.
Then, when this sale is over, the rest of the tickets are sold on the Galaxie Broad Shop website (for 4 days, online payment and home delivery), and the official Dir en grey website, for 9 days (which links to e plus website). The last tickets are on permanent sale on the “ticket Pia” or “e plus” websites. So if you buy them at this time, hurry up because there aren’t many left!
If you buy them on « classic » websites (e plus etc), you must be in Japan to pay for them and pick up at the konbini.

If your concert is sold out, the best way is to look for resellers on social networks, you will pay the ticket at the normal price and they will give it to you directly in front of the venue. But again, some will have difficulty agreeing to sell it to you if you’re not Japanese. You have to find the right people. Or you might find some tickets for sale on but the ticket prices are aberrant haha.
Finally, if you have a friend who lives in Japan and who can help you out, this is the best!

(If you buy an exclusive ticket, you will receive two tickets, a classic cardboard ticket and a flexible ticket. Keep the flexible ticket and give it to the employee in front of the concert hall entrance, he / she will give you your gifts.)