Die & Kei’s comments on « Red or Maryam »


Eng: Moon and sun are united, yin and yang intermingle.

Melody that penetrates the space, melody that wanders in the darkness…

Each trait has a strong melody which cannot be compromised.

« Red or Maryam »

Grooves, sound, melody.

You have to experience it.

Fr: Lune et soleil sont réunis, yin et yang s’entremêlent.

La mélodie qui pénètre l’espace, la mélodie qui vagabonde dans l’obscurité …

Chaque trait a une forte mélodie qui ne peut être compromise.

« Red or Maryam »

Grooves, son, mélodie.

Vous devez en faire l’expérience.


Eng: It will be the first release from DECAYS, starting from the choosing band members, producing sounds, it was done by trial and error again and again, and we reached completion.

This release will have nice jarring melodies with the original band’s groove (unprocessed), shoegazing and digital elements added to the sound.

We created this work thinking of…

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